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      November 8, 2016





State of Iowa Issues

Iowa business leaders have prioritized workforce through investment in Elevate Advanced Manufacturing, an initiative to educate students and the public about the opportunities and careers in manufacturing. Preparing Iowa’s future workforce must include continued investment in workforce initiatives like Future Ready Iowa and Home Base Iowa and legislative efforts to implement key state and federal reforms. Further, as part of ensuring a qualified workforce, ABI encourages the legislature to enact policies that are conducive to safe workplaces and that allow employers to address drug and alcohol use, including prescription drug abuse.

Competitive Business Climate
A key component of low unemployment and a qualified workforce is a competitive business climate that will retain Iowa companies and attract new businesses and talent to the state. To that end, ABI seeks ways to simplify, streamline and modernize Iowa’s laws and regulations. ABI supports state preemption of a growing patchwork of county and local government proposals to implement workforce policies, like minimum wage increases. This piecemeal approach increases administrative burdens for employers and erodes coherent economic policy. Additionally, ABI supports efforts to simplify and reform Iowa’s tax code, without shifting the burden among classes of taxpayers.

Environmental Investment and Accountability
A quality environment not only enhances the attractiveness of Iowa as a location for business and industry, but it also adds to the quality of life and enjoyment of all who live and work here. ABI supports legislation that protects and improves the quality of our state’s natural resources, while supporting business and industry growth and improving the quality of life for all Iowans. Investment of state dollars in water and air quality programs and departmental services should be carefully targeted, and provide for accountability and return on investment.

For specific information on pending employment legislation click here.


Federal Issues

Debt and Deficit
Every day, individuals, business and state and local governments are required to make hard decisions regarding the management of their finances. Our federal government should begin to do the same. It is time for this nation to enact the spending and tax reforms necessary to stabilize our country's debt, stimulate growth and revivie our economy. 

A reliable infrastructure is the lynchpin of our daily lives and is essential for an economy to thrive - from the roads, railways, waterways and aviation systems that move people and freight to the telecommunications structures that make communications possible.

International Trade
We are intricately tied to other countries through family, traditions and business. We need immigration reform and trade policies that support these ties and lead us back to prosperity with the talented workers and open, fair markets we need to succeed. 

Taxes and Regulation
To support economic growth for individuals and businesses of all sizes, we need a simple, fair and more competitive tax code and regulatory system that fosters rather than inhibits innovation. 

Having the right skill set is necessary for finding and holding the right job. Strong schools, workforce training programs and balanced labor policies encourage lifelong learning and help employees become productive participants in the workplace and in the growth of business. 

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